How To Become A Commercial Roofing Contractor

commercial roofing contractor

Tips for becoming a Commercial Roofing Contractor In Phoenix

Over the past years, we have seen a reduction in the number of people entering the trade industry, leaving the commercial roofing field in Phoenix short of professionals to handle essential jobs.

However, with good conditions associated with the field, such as requisite training, competitive pay, and boundless opportunities in the entrepreneurial sphere, it is an industry you should consider becoming a part of. Out of all the aspects of the trade industry, roofing has some of the highest demands and potential for more opportunities.

Phoenix homes, industries, and businesses all have roofs that will need fixing and replacement. When new buildings are erected, they’ll also need to be roofed.

If you’re interested in becoming a commercial roofing contractor in Phoenix AZ, you have your eyes on a profitable field. Let’s get into all you need to know about the job of a commercial roofing contractor.

Who is a commercial roofer?

A commercial roofer is a person whose specialty is handling roofing installation, maintenance, and repairs for commercial buildings and establishments. A commercial roofer’s primary focus is on public buildings and businesses, as opposed to homes and private residences.

A commercial roofer needs to undergo training and gain experience that’s unique to commercial buildings, and not just general roofing training because commercial roofing has different material requirements, structural requirement, maintenance processes, and even certifications.

You can say that a commercial roofer needs more specialized training than a residential roofer.

How to become a commercial roofer?

The road to becoming a commercial roofer starts with an apprenticeship, just as you find with other professions in the trades industry. The requirement to begin an apprenticeship is usually a GED or high school diploma.

You need to work under an established roofer who will train you on the job for a few years, after which you can make an application for certification in your state that will make you a recognized and certified roofer.

The apprenticeship period is both a training period and a paying job for you, as you will be earning some cash while getting mentorship and priceless on-the-job experiences from an expert commercial roofer or trades expert.

How long will an apprenticeship take?

The period you dedicate to a roofing apprenticeship will depend on the level of specialized knowledge you desire to have. However, it often takes an average of two years’ worth of apprenticeship alongside any other necessary special training, particularly for some roofing jobs.

How to get licensed as a roofer? 

The regulations and requirements for certifications as a roofer varies from one state to the next, so your state of residence will determine the rules you need to follow while considering the nature of the job, the geography of the location, and other factors.

Nevertheless, when you complete your apprenticeship period, you can use the necessary channels to apply for your certification, which will often require you to undergo some testing to prove your knowledge and also require a recommendation or vouching from your mentor.

As a commercial roofer, you need to get all the necessary certificates to work legally. You might also need to get some kind of documentation and insurance if you’re interested in setting up your own roofing business.

How much does a commercial roofer earn? 

The earnings of a commercial roofer depend on a whole lot of factors, including the competitive roofing rate in a given area, as well as the nature and extent of work needed to be done.

However, you can look towards average yearly earnings of $45,000 with a potential for more growth.

Speak with a commercial roofing contractor today to find out more details about the career and what you should expect when pursuing a career in commercial roofing.